Covid -19

WE ARE STILL CLOSED AT THE MOMENT HOWEVER THE WORKSHOP WILL BE OPENING FROM MONDAY 18TH MAY 8.00 TO 4.30  for drop of and collection office hours 9am to 4.30pm

The workshop will be manned by a skelelton staff to keep in line with distancing rules and  on top of the servicing that is booked in and the repairs that need doing as we get used to the new way of working we will gradually increase capacity if you wish to book work then please email [email protected] or [email protected] and we will get back to you.  







  • The shop will re-open - hours to be decided 
  • If you know what you require, please phone and order.  We will take payment over the phone and leave your items on a shelf inside the shop door for collection.
  • Outside of working  hours and while we are closed email [email protected] with your order and phone number and we will get back to you asap.
  • Gas - please phone ahead if possible.  Payment will be taken over the phone and your full bottle will be placed outside - leave your empty bottle in the same place and we will put it away.
  • Limited number of people in the shop at any one time (to be decided based on government guidence)
  • Card Payments only - contactless where possible
  • Keep 2m distance where possible - markings on shop floor and around counter.
  • Please Use hand sanitizer provided when enerting the shop.
  • There will be extra cleaning of surfaces and door handles and card machines 


book your viewing by appoinment at [email protected] we are now open from 10am to 5pm 

We understand that these are big purchases and need to be viewed and you will have questions - with this in mind we will be offering diffrent options depending on customer requirements, but all keeping in line with  current guidence.

  • Viewing by appointment - this can be arranged over the phone or at the moment while we are closed email us on [email protected] with details of what your intrested in.  We can arrange a time and day for you to come in - the caravan or motorhome you wish to view will be unlocked and you will be left to have a good look round.  If you have any questions then we will be happy to answer them for you, if you require prices these will be done in the office and we will bring them to you in the vehicle you are viewing.
  • Viewing by video - this is something that we can do for you if required. This can be sent and we can call you to run through any questions you have or if you want a particular item filming we can do this for you.  Obvoisly you haven't seen these vehicles in person we will prep the caravan as normal but if on hand-over you dont like it we will refund any deposit taken.
  • Ordering without viewing - this only applies to new caravans or motorhomes. If the customer knows exactly what they want  we can do this by email and over the phone  and deposits can be taken by card or BACS payment (larger payments of over £1000 by BACS only)
  • If you do come and pay us a visit without an appointment the caravans will be locked at this time so we can keep a check on what caravans have had pepole in that will need cleaning.  Please make your presnce known to our staff who will be happy to unlock the caravans for you to view.


  • When ordering the caravan/motorhome we will book you a date and time for collection - please keep to these times to aid with managing the number of customer on site at any one time.
  • All caravans and motorhomes will prepared as normal by the workshop and will be fully cleaned and sanitized before collection or delivery.
  • On the day of collection - we know that buying a new caravan is exciting but please keep the pepole collecting the caravan to  2. 
  • On handover we would love to come in and show you around your new vehicle but  this is not going to work within the rules we are under, so at present there will be diferent ways of doing this depending on the custmers preference.
  • We can send out a video explaining any particluar points, we will then phone you and explain the warranty, the service dates and other important information.  We can arrange payment as with deposit Bacs is preferable.  When you come to collect, you will be given they keys and asked to check you are happy with the caravan/motorhome - once you have done that we/you will sign the warranty paper work - at this point you will be ready to go.
  • As above we will phone you before collection to explain the warranty and sevice information and payment will be aranged.  On arrival one of our despatch team will show you around keeping a safe distance and wearing gloves - he will stand outside of the caravan and talk you through its operation.  Once you are happy you can sign the paperwork and you be hitched up and ready to go.
  • We will be able to continue delivery but we would still like customers to come in and check they are happy with their purchase before delivey to their chosen location.

Workshop Servicing 

  • This will restart on a limited basis from Monday 18th May we have already contacted most customers affected and have re-booked them in early June onwards
  • Baileys have extended the service window from 6 weeks to 4 months but we suggest if possible to stay within your normal dates.
  • We are still taking bookings on our sales email [email protected] so if you want to be organised, let us have some dates and we will book you in and email you back with a date.
  • Before service, please let us know by phone if there are any extra jobs that need doing - idealy when booking in or a couple of days before so they can be added to your worksheet
  • On dropping off on a morning or afternoon please pull into the marked bays and unhitch leaving the keys in the caravan - let reception know you have done this, leave your name they will put the paper work in the vehicle.
  • If any extra work is needed we will still phone as normal to see if you ae happy for us to undertake.
  • Once the work is completed you will be phoned and have the work explained, payment will be taken over the phone and a time arranged for collection.
  • When you arrive to collect you caravan, your paper work will be in the caravan with the keys - if you could let reception know you are there, they will let you know where the caravan or mortorhome is.
  • When working on your caravan or motorhome the staff will be wearing gloves and will wipe any surfaces they have worked on when finished.
  • If you want to leave the caravan with us for 72 hours this can be arranged.

We will all find these changes a little strange but we are sure that if we all work together we can make this work and get back to some form of normality.  The above note will change over time and as we find other ways to work we will update it - please keep an eye on our face book page for any news and changes to opening hours. 

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