Magnum Flint 340 & 400

340: £1394 400: £1560

Magnum 340 and 400 Flint are touring-friendly porches which are quick to put upwhen you're on the go. With Magnum 340 or400 Flint you get a spacious touring awninig with a depth of 2.5m and a width of either 3.4m or 4m.

The front and side panels can be folded down/removed and together with 2 mosquito net sides offer a wealth of ventilation options.

If more space is required inside or out Magnum340 and 400 Flint can be extended with an Eclpise front sun canopy (specially designed for Magnum) and annex giving you an extra bedroom or additional storage space. Magnum 340 and 400 Flint are made of Isacryl which ensures a good indoor climate.

Removable/fold-down panels: Front and side panels

Special features: Extra long roof wings for additional strength and optimal fit,  full length canopy providing extra shelter, mosquito net in both sides.  Ventilation in the front, large front window.

Comes as standard with:  Collage Blue curtains, wheel arch cover, draught skirt, side veranda pole, FixOn, awning bag, pole and peg bags including peg remover.

Optional extras for assembly: Annex 250, Cosy Corner2 special, Eclipse FSC special, net front panel,net side, veranda pole and support (400), storm securing set.

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