Prisma Seed Awning

Prisma seed's Flexibility, high durability and strong frame make it the ultimate awning for permanent pitching the front can be moved back and forth to create a living roomwith covered terrace(with use of optional extras).

The large windows ensure that the Prisma seed is a bright,welcomingawning where you will spend many an enjoyable hour. For maximum stability,Prisma seed is supplied with Zinxo Mega Frame. If you want to use Prisma seed as your year round awning, additional poles can be puchased to ensure added stabiltity in off- peak season.

Removable/fold-down panels: Front, side and corner panels

Special features: Flexible front panels, mosquito nets in both sides3,  Ventilation in the front, light strip in the roof 2,  large windows, wide all-round overhang.

Comes standard with: cube Creme curtains,  wheel arch cover, draught skirt, veranda pole, fixon, awning bag, pole and peg bags including peg remover.

Optional accessories for assembly: Front divider, additional front panels (2pcs), right or left panel ( for partion) which give more scope for variation Annex 250, net side, Eclipse FSC, door canopy, inner rof, storm securing set.


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