Ventura Awnings

Ventura is a basic range of tents and awnings in the Isabella family.  The range is inspired by the simple life-uncomplicated and with a focus on basic needs.  Sturdy materials that stand up to the rigours of use.  Just a few carefully considered, tried and tested features.

Ventura is a good place to start if you're not looking for the ultimate, which the Isabella range otherwise represents.

What you see is what you get simple designand good quality. At a price that makes camping accessible to everyone.

The range has been created to go perfectly with Isabella Accessories.

  • £976

    Marlin is the maintenance-friendly porch which is ideal for touring.  All panels can be removed and its pratical size and mosquito net window make Marlin a pleasant and cosy living room.  Its easy to put up and is supplied with the light weight IXL fiberglass frame.

    The porch has a good seal to the side of the caravan with sewn in foam pads and the connection set suppied.

    Depth: 230cm width: 340cm

    Special details: All panels can be folded down or removed Mosquito net window in one side with zipped external …

  • From £1067 to £1620 for D250 or £1140 to £1759 for D300

    The modern VenturaD250/300d is available in shades of cleancut grey.  The model boasts simple construction making it particularly easy for touring.  The material is a lightweight Isalite fabric which is also easy to keep clean thanks to its external coating.  It has a mosquito net window with foilcover in one side for extra ventilation.  so if you are looking to save time when camping Ventura D250/D300 is ideal choiceof prenox steel frame or light …

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