Ambassador Dawn

from £1713 to £2796

With more than 30 years on the market, our customers rightly expect a lot of the Ambassador, the ultimate touring awning which is straightfoward to put up.  Relatively light in weight, with a depth of 2.5m it offers all the opening options you coulde possibly wish for.  Ambassador Dawn has mosquito net panel in booth sides and is made of Isacryl for a pleasant indoor climate.  The roof is coated on the outside and has a patterned inside, which minimises the formation of condensation.  For a good natural inflow of daylight, and to ensure that the awning is a light and accomodating place to spend time, Ambassador Dawn has large panelled panorama windows in the front.

Removable/fold-down panels: Front and side panels

Special details:  Intergrated top ventilation, mosquito net in both sides.

Comes as standard with: Collage sand curtains.  Veranda pole, draught skirt, wheel arch cover, FixON,  Typhoon strom sashes awning bag, pole and peg bag including peg remover.

Optional extras for assembly: Annex 250, door canopy, net side, net front, cosy corner2, pation wall, eclipse front sun canopy, gutter, storm securing set.

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