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  • When buying a new or used motorhome, the price can be a sticking point. In this guide you’ll find out what you need to know about buying your first or next motorhome on finance. By the end of this guide you’ll be clued up on what motorhome finance is and the options available, and the things to consider before buying a motorhome on finance.
  • Bailey are one of the UK’s most prestigious caravan and motorhome manufacturers. Whichever Bailey motorhome model you choose, Bailey guarantees a high level of comfort and style to the road. In this blog post, we’ll be outlining some of the different motorhome layouts that Bailey offers. Covering the two to six berth motorhome layouts that are available from Bailey, covering who they would suit and the benefits of different layouts.
  • You’ve taken the plunge and bought yourself your first caravan, but now it’s time to hit the road. Towing a caravan for the first time can feel like a bit of a daunting prospect, but once you know what you’re doing it becomes second nature. Most drivers can become confident behind the wheel of a car and caravan towing outfit relatively quickly when they’re properly packed and prepared.
  • We’ve all been there. You’ve purchased your first motorhome and now you’re daydreaming about future excursions. You’re dreaming up routes into the wilderness, imagining pitching up and relaxing amidst nature as the sun sets behind sprawling hillsides. You might even spend time looking up the best campsites around. However, for many people, the dream of owning a motorhome is to venture out and try your hand at wild camping.
  • You’ve decided to buy a caravan, you’ve seen the one you want, and you’ve already started daydreaming about the upcoming adventures that await. It’s easy to get excited as you start planning your routes and looking at campsites. But then you get stopped in your tracks by the price. We’ve all been there and there’s no escaping that whether buying brand new or used, purchasing a caravan is always a big investment.
  • When it comes to picking the right types of caravan layout for your needs, it can be a minefield out there. In today’s market there is so much choice when it comes to caravan layouts. Within our range of Bailey caravans alone there are multiple options depending on the berth you are looking for.
  • Bristol really is one of the UK’s most wonderful holiday destinations. A huge city with a rich heritage, the unofficial capital of the South West is tucked away amidst rolling hills, meaning that despite its fantastic urban centre, you’re also close to some stunning countryside. If you’re looking to venture out on a caravan or motorhome holiday, then we’d definitely recommend you give Bristol some serious consideration. In this guide you will find some top tips for things to do in Bristol and its surrounding area.
  • Here at Chipping Sodbury Caravans we’re proud to supply a wide and varied range of Bailey caravans and motorhomes. We love Bailey’s commitment to producing top-notch, dependable models that offer unmatched value and a high-end finish. The UK's most long-standing caravan manufacturer, boasts over 75 years of expertise in crafting caravans and motorhomes and as 2024 rolls around, we’ve got a whole host of new models from Bailey that we’re delighted to present.
  • Caravan holidays have seen a big boost in popularity over the last few years. If you’ve been tempted to give it a go, you might be wondering where to start when it comes to buying a caravan. This guide is perfect for you, whether you’re buying your first caravan or upgrading your existing model for something newer or bigger.
  • Whether you’re a brand new caravan or motorhome owner or a long-standing enthusiast, the associated terminology and jargon can be fairly difficult to keep up with. From talking about A class and B class and C class, to the huge choice of layouts through to grey water, it can be a minefield to navigate. In our caravan and motorhome glossary you have a thorough guide to the top jargon used in the caravan and motorhome world, for beginners and experienced caravan and motorhome owners alike.
  • As the end of the season draws closer many of you might already be taking your last caravan or motorhome trips of the year. At this point your mind is already probably turning to preparing your leisure vehicle for storage. To ensure that your caravan or motorhome is still in tip-top condition when you bring it out of hibernation in the spring, there are several things you’ll want to do before putting it in storage or before you ‘lay up’ for the winte
  • You’re gearing up to set out on your first caravan trip - it’s all very exciting. A new experience filled with adventure and a whole new type of freedom while you’re traveling. However, towing a caravan and looking after it while you’re away can seem a bit of a daunting prospect. But fear not, in this guide we will share our top tips for first-time caravanners to help everything go as smoothly as possible as you set off on that first trip.
  • You’ve made the exciting decision to buy a motorhome. But where do you even begin this journey? There’s a whole new world of terminology to get to grips with and so many choices to make; from new or used motorhomes to layouts. We get it, it can seem a little daunting at first, but we’ve got you covered!
  • Towards the end of 2021, the government’s rules on towing a trailer or caravan changed. We’ve summarised the changes here in case you’re worried about how you might have been affected...
  • If you’re thinking about purchasing your first leisure vehicle, you’ve probably discovered that there’s more to the motorhoming and caravanning world than you might have thought. Particularly when it comes to all the many makes and models there are available and the hundreds of features to choose between. You might be stuck on the question as to whether a motorhome or a caravan is better suited to you. If this is the case, here are five simple questions to ask yourself which should help make your decision much easier.
  • Many people don’t use their motorhomes over the winter and put them in storage for several months. Even if you’ve followed all the advice for properly winterising your motorhome before it goes into storage, there are still some checks you’ll need to do when preparing your vehicle for the new season.

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