Types of Bailey Motorhome Layouts

Bailey’s motorhomes are sleek, stylish, and packed with fantastic amenities and features. Their motorhome range offers a huge choice of different types of motorhome layouts. They are one of the UK’s most prestigious caravan and motorhome manufacturers, established in 1948 close to where our Bristol showroom is based today. Almost-80 years since, Bailey has become one of the UK's oldest independent caravan and motorhome manufacturers known for crafting fantastic models. Whichever Bailey motorhome model you choose, Bailey guarantees a high level of comfort and style to the road.

In this blog post, we’ll be outlining some of the different motorhome layouts that Bailey offers. Covering the two to six berth motorhome layouts that are available from Bailey, covering who they would suit and the benefits of different layouts.

Two-Berth Bailey Motorhome Layouts

If you’re looking for the best motorhome layout for a couple, then you will want to consider purchasing a two-berth motorhome layout. Take a look below to see some of Bailey’s two berth motorhome layouts.

The Bailey Endeavour B62 is a two-berth campervan that has two designated travelling seats. This model features a lounge area at the rear of the motorhome with two sofas either side that transform into beds at night. The sofas can also be arranged in a U-shape for even more seating space. This flexibility makes the most of the space inside the smaller model, meaning you have plenty of room to sit and socialise during the day, and sleeping space for two people at night. The beds can be arranged as two twin beds or a double if required.

This two-berth Bailey motorhome also features a side kitchen that is nicely equipped for cooking meals during your trip. Opposite the side kitchen, sits a cleverly designed washroom that has a cassette toilet and an onboard shower.

Bailey Endeavour B62Bailey Endeavour B62


Three-Berth Bailey Motorhome Layouts

Bailey offers a few three-berth motorhome layouts for you to choose from, perfect for couples who prefer a little more space or small families.

Up first is the Bailey Alora 69-4T model. This motorhome has a quaint front lounge area, with two small bench seats opposite one another. It then has a side kitchen and a compact washroom that features a toilet and basin. This model then features a fantastic, private rear bedroom which has two fixed twin beds that can either work as a twin or a double if needed. The beds are raised and sit on hinges for easy access to the large storage spaces underneath. Then, when night falls, the lounge space at the front of the living area converts into a single bed for a third person.

Bailey Alora 69-4TBailey Alora 69-4T


Next up is the Bailey Alora 69-4I, in this model you’ll find a spacious rear island bed. There’s a side kitchen and a compact washroom that features a toilet, hand basin and hidden shower. The front lounge comprises of two sofas which convert into a single bed perfect for a guest or child.

Bailey Alora 69-4IBailey Alora 69-4I


Four-Berth Bailey Motorhome Layouts

Bailey offers a wide range of varied four-berth motorhome layout options. Some of these feature front lounge layouts, whilst others feature rear lounge layouts. Below are some of the most popular options out there.

Front lounge four-berth layouts

Some Bailey motorhomes offer you the chance to have the lounge situated at the front of the living space.

The Bailey Adamo series also all feature front lounges. Some of these have fixed rear double beds, such as the Adamo 75-4I. This model features an island bed at the rear, with space either side for added comfort. There’s then a front lounge with a foldaway dining table making it a great place to sit and spend time with your loved ones or enjoy a meal together. This lounge space then converts into another double bed at night time to accommodate two more guests. The Adamo 75-4I also features a central kitchen in the middle of the living space, which spans either side of the motorhome. And finally, this model has a split central washroom that you pass through to access the bedroom.

Bailey Adamo 75-4IBailey Adamo 75-4I


Another front-lounge option is the Bailey Adamo 69-4 model. This model features a more spacious front lounge with extra seating space and the option of a fold-down table. There’s then a split kitchen in the middle of the living area and at the rear is a larger washroom with a spacious shower, cassette toilet, and basin. The Adamo 69 4 also uses a more innovative arrangement with a drop-down double bed that can sit above the other beds if required, offering four berths. This dropdown bed can be arranged in one of three different positions offering you plenty of flexibility when sleeping!

Bailey Adamo 69-4Bailey Adamo 69-4


Rear lounge four-berth layouts

And now it’s time for a member of the Adamo range that features a rear lounge. The Adamo 75-4DL has the same front seating area with the fold-away dining table as the 75-4I, but it also has a rear lounge area with U-shaped seating. This offers even more social space without the fixed rear bed taking up a large chunk of the living space.

At night the front lounge space and the rear one convert into sleeping quarters, with both converting into a double bed. This model does not feature a split washroom, but instead has a smaller side washroom with a side kitchen opposite. The 75-4DL has slightly less convenient cooking and washing space, but the lack of a fixed rear bed ensures you have plenty more socialising room during the day.

Bailey Adamo 75-4DLBailey Adamo 75-4DL


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