Types of Bailey Caravan Layouts

When it comes to picking the right types of caravan layout for your needs, it can be a minefield out there. In today’s market there is so much choice when it comes to caravan layouts. Within our range of Bailey caravans alone there are multiple options depending on the berth you are looking for.

In this blog post, we’re going to take you through the different types of caravan layouts available in Bailey caravans models. Bailey Caravans, established in 1948 close to our Bristol showroom, are one of the UK's oldest independent caravan manufacturers that’s renowned for crafting durable and high-quality models at affordable prices.

Bailey produces a range of caravan models with various features and layouts to cater to a diverse customer base. Their caravans often feature quality construction, innovative design, and incorporate modern amenities to enhance the overall living and travelling experience for their customers.

Types of Bailey Caravan Layouts

Six berth caravan layouts

Six berth caravans sleep up to six people. These caravans are the largest caravan type that Bailey offers. They’re ideal for larger families or anyone who wants to holiday with a bigger group of people, perhaps bringing friends along for the trip.

Not only this, but six berth caravans also feature much more living space inside during the day. This makes them a good option for people who like to holiday all-year-round, when the weather might not be so great and you need to spend a bit more time indoors.

Bailey offers a range of six berth caravans, which come in a number of different layouts.

These models tend to all feature a central kitchen and either a split central bathroom or a rear end bathroom.

A split bathroom features a shower on one side of the caravan and a toilet and hand basin on the other. You then walk through, between the two sides of the central bathroom to access the sleeping area at the rear of the caravan.

If a caravan features a rear bathroom, then the shower, toilet, and wash basin will be within one self-contained bathroom space and sit at the very rear of the caravan.

Almost all six berth Bailey caravans will feature two sofas at the front that can either double up as a double bed or two singles. So you will always have two beds at the front of the caravan at night, with the other four beds either being situated in the middle or the rear of the caravan.

If the caravan has a rear bathroom then it will often feature one fixed bunk bed in the centre of the model. This fixed bunk bed will be opposite a dining area, known as a dinette, that can then convert into another bunk bed at night.

Within the 2024 range of Bailey caravans we have the Bailey Phoenix 762. This is a six berth family caravan with a rear bathroom layout.

bailey phoenix 762 6 berth caravan floorplanBailey Phoenix 762


Bailey also have a six berth caravan layout with a split central bathroom and a fixed rear double bed, opposite two fixed bunk beds - the Bailey Pegasus Amalfi

bailey pegasus amalfi 6 berth caravan floorplanBailey Pegasus Amalfi



Five berth caravan layouts

Another layout suitable for larger families is a five berth caravan layout. Rarely seen in the industry, but for 2024 Bailey have the Pegasus Ancona. Featuring a parallel sofa converting to a double at the front, a dinette opposite the kitchen that transforms into another bed, and bunk beds at the rear of the caravan alongside the bathroom.

bailey pegasus ancona 5 berth caravan floorplanBailey Pegasus Ancona


Four berth caravan layouts

Four berth caravans are smaller than the large six or five berth models, sleeping up to four people. These are often a great choice for smaller families or couples who like some additional space. They usually feature a front lounge living area that can convert into extra beds if needed and either a fixed double bed or two fixed single beds at the rear. However, Bailey offers all of this and more with their range of four berth caravans.

When it comes to four berth Bailey caravans, the layout options are nice and varied. These models will often feature the classic twin sofa arrangement in the front, which can be turned into a double or set of twin beds at night.

Most of these four berth models also have a central kitchen.

It is at the rear of these models, where the layout is most flexible.

Some of these models, like the Unicorn Cabrera, Alicanto Grande Lisbon, Alicanto Grande Porto, Bailey Phoenix 640, and Pegasus Portofino and Messina, will feature a split central washroom. Then, beyond that, you’ll have an island bed at the rear of the caravan.

bailey unicorn cabrera 4 berth caravan floorplan 

Bailey Unicorn Cabrera


Other four berth models within the Bailey caravans range will feature a bathroom that spans the entire width of the caravan, with a fixed double bed located before it. For 2024 you will find these types of layouts in the following models: Alicanto Grande Evora, Pegasus Brindisi, Pegasus Bologna, Bailey Phoenix 440, Phoenix 644, Bailey Discovery D4-4, Unicorn Vigo and the Bailey Unicorn Cartagena.

bailey pegasus brindisi 4 berth caravan floorplanBailey Pegasus Brindisi


For a four berth family caravan layout aimed at young families there are two options in the current range.

The Bailey Unicorn Cadiz and Phoenix 642 still features the front lounge area which converts into a double bed at night, however, this model also features two single beds, rather than a double, in the space before the rear washroom. This means you have more floor space throughout the day and the two singles make it ideal for families with children who would rather have their own bed at night.

bailey phoenix 642 4 berth caravan floorplanBailey Phoenix 642


Alternatively there is the Discovery D4-4L four berth caravan layout. Featuring the front living room that converts to a double bed at night, with a central kitchen, and a rear bathroom. However, opposite the kitchen is a dinette that converts nicely into bunk beds at night. The Discovery D4-4L is a compact caravan, being part of Bailey’s compact, sportier offering.

bailey discovery d4-4l 4 ebrth caravan floorplanBailey Discovery D4-4L



Two berth caravan layouts

Two berth caravans are the smallest that Bailey manufactures. They’re great for couples or solo travellers who don’t need additional sleeping space for other friends or family and don’t mind the smaller interior space during the day.

Two berth caravans are also much more lightweight than the other models mentioned in this list and are generally easier to tow and manoeuvre. They also tend to be more affordable.

When it comes to two berth Bailey caravans, these models tend to all follow a similar trend. They all feature the double sofas at the front of the caravan, which convert into a double bed at night. Then you will have a variant of a central kitchen with units on both sides of the caravan.

The rear will then either feature a rear bathroom that spans the entire width of the caravan, offering more space inside - as seen in the Bailey Unicorn Seville and Phoenix 420Or a corner bathroom that is slightly smaller, with the other corner featuring additional storage space - as in the Bailey Discovery D4-2 model.

bailey unicorn seville 2 berth caravan floorplan

Bailey Unicorn Seville


bailey discovery d4-2 2 berth caravan floorplanBailey Discovery D4-2


So there you have it, our outline of some of the different types of caravan layouts that Bailey offers. Here at Chipping Sodbury Caravans, we exclusively operate as a Bailey dealer, meaning we specialise solely in new Bailey caravans and motorhomes.

This is because we are staunch believers in the superior quality of Bailey models and our expert team possess extensive and comprehensive knowledge about the brand. Not only does this allow us to supply models that we’re truly proud of, but it also means we can provide you with expert advice on selecting the perfect Bailey caravan or motorhome for your requirements and budget.

This commitment has positioned us as one of the foremost Bailey retailers in the UK. So be sure to take a look at our range of Bailey caravans today!

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