We now are suppliers for the Isabella range of awnings and accessories please contact us for more details. We have a Capri north on Display so you can see the quality of the Isabella range of awnings and accessories.

  • from £1713 to £2796

    With more than 30 years on the market, our customers rightly expect a lot of the Ambassador, the ultimate touring awning which is straightfoward to put up.  Relatively light in weight, with a depth of 2.5m it offers all the opening options you coulde possibly wish for.  Ambassador Dawn has mosquito net panel in booth sides and is made of Isacryl for a pleasant indoor climate.  The roof is coated on the outside and has a patterned inside, which minimises the formation of condensation.  For a good natural inflow of daylight, and to ensure that the awning is a light and accomodating place to s

  • from: £1242 to £2181

    Capri North is the ideal choice for touring caravanners.  In light-weight, breathable, acrylic material the Capri NOrth is quick to erect and easy to transport.  The tinted windows make the awning a pleasant place to be as the large mosquito net windows provide extra ventilationwithout the annoyance of insects on hot summer days and nights.  Allfront and side panels can be folded down to form a veranda or removed completely.  Capri north is available with the Zinox tubular steel frame or the ultra light Carbon x fiberglass frame.

    Removable/fold-down panels: Front and side panels

  • from £1881 to £3414

    Commodore is a fusion of classic Isabella design and contemporary materials.  Its depth of 3 metres and choice of three types of frames are a major advantage, especially for those who alternate between permanent pitching and touring and enjoy having plenty of space in the awning.  Large panoramic windows make Commodore a pleasant place to be,  with a unique inflow of light.  For a pleasant indoor climate, the Commodore model has mosquito nets with a foil cover in both sides, as well as an intergrated top ventilation panel in the middle of the front.  On hot days and balmy eveninigs, the net

  • 340: £1394 400: £1560

    Magnum 340 and 400 Flint are touring-friendly porches which are quick to put upwhen you're on the go. With Magnum 340 or400 Flint you get a spacious touring awninig with a depth of 2.5m and a width of either 3.4m or 4m.

    The front and side panels can be folded down/removed and together with 2 mosquito net sides offer a wealth of ventilation options.

  • From £2285 to £3730

    Penta Flint has everything you require from a permanent pitch awning -a depth of 3.5m without the nuisance of a center pole,and designed so that every inch of spaced is used.  The material used is Isacryl, which allows the awning to breathe.  Mosquito net windows in both sides, and the numerous opening options, make for an optimal indoor climate.

  • From £2855 to £3605

    Prisma seed's Flexibility, high durability and strong frame make it the ultimate awning for permanent pitching the front can be moved back and forth to create a living roomwith covered terrace(with use of optional extras).

    The large windows ensure that the Prisma seed is a bright,welcomingawning where you will spend many an enjoyable hour. For maximum stability,Prisma seed is supplied with Zinxo Mega Frame. If you want to use Prisma seed as your year round awning, additional poles can be puchased to ensure added stabiltity in off- peak season.

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